Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Conductor Job Opening in Elkhart, Indiana

Norfolk Southern has a Conductor Job Opening

Conductor Job Opening in Elkhart, Indiana

Are you interested in being a part of moving America’s economy? Would you like to join a team that creates innovative solutions to America’s transportation challenges? How about working for a company that invests in the community? We invite you to join our team as a Conductor.
Norfolk Southern has an immediate job opening for a Conductor based in Elkhart, IN. Norfolk Southern is one of the nation's premier transportation companies specializing in freight railroading. We operate approximately 20,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia, serve every major container port in the eastern United States, and provide efficient connections to other rail carriers.

Elkhart, IN Conductor Job Description

Norfolk Southern has a team of 25,000+ employees working together to maintain our reputation as, "The Thoroughbred of Transportation.” Are you interested in seeing what it is like to be a Conductor at Norfolk Southern? Here is what you can expect:

New Conductor Training

Norfolk Southern has a comprehensive training program, consisting of classroom and field training that will enable you to become a qualified Conductor. In addition, you will also be promoted to Locomotive Engineers, based on your seniority and the need for Locomotive Engineers at your work location. You will be compensated and receive travel expenses during these training programs.

Elkhart, IN Conductor Job Compensation

Once you complete the conductor training program and become a conductor, you will likely be assigned to a conductor extra board which has guaranteed minimum earnings of approximately $41,000 per year. Guaranteed minimum earnings progressively increase over the next five years to approximately $51,500 per year. Many conductors earn more than the guaranteed minimum due to work opportunities at their location.
Based on your seniority, you will be able to bid on jobs, which offer a higher earning potential. After you are promoted to Locomotive Engineer, your first assignment as Locomotive Engineer will likely be an engineer extra board, which has guaranteed minimum earnings of approximately $83,000 per year. As an engineer, you will be able to bid on jobs, contingent on your seniority, which offer higher earning potential. Engineers are also eligible for a bonus of up to 17% of their annual earnings.

Elkhart, IN Conductor Work Schedule

Conductor extra boards have a schedule with a minimum of two days off for every six working days. While not on your rest days, you are subject to be called to work 24 hours a day, on an as-needed basis. Extra board work schedules are irregular and determined by business needs. Based on your seniority, you will be able to bid on jobs with more predictable work schedules. You must have a phone in order to be contacted for work. You will have 1-2 hours from the time of the call to report to work. Depending on your job assignment, you may be required to routinely spend the night away from home.

Elkhart, IN Conductor Job Benefits

You are eligible for a comprehensive benefits package. Medical insurance for your spouse and eligible dependents is provided on the first day of the second month of employment. After one year of employment, you are eligible for dental insurance to cover yourself and eligible dependents, a $20,000 life insurance plan for yourself, and participation in the Norfolk Southern 401 (K) plan. You are subject to Railroad Retirement taxes paid at a rate equivalent to Social Security tax plus an additional 5.35%. You are also covered by Railroad Retirement benefits, and following completion of the service requirement, you will be eligible for Railroad Retirement pension benefits.

Union Membership

You will be required to join either the Train service union or Engineer's union within 60 days of establishing a seniority date. Alcohol and Drug Policy Employees in Train and Engine Service are subject to random alcohol and drug testing as per the Federal Railroad Administration Guidelines. The Norfolk Southern Policy is ZERO TOLERANCE. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.


Norfolk Southern is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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